belgium fashion jewelry

We are specialized in affordable,high-quality elegant fashion jewelry at up to 80 percent below retail prices, and we invite you to compare our quality and prices with other high end retail and online pearl fashion jewelry stores. We buy and import directly from Japan, Polynesia, and China eliminating the numerous levels that make prices rise.Please brouse our enormous selection of top of the line fashion jewelry We never use imitations, and we have certain criteria and standards for the pearls we use.

    The fashion jewelry with pearls is old as 5000 years. Natural pearls are formed when an irritant, like a sand particle,or parasite ,enters the oyster or mussel. As a defense ,the mollusk starts secreting nacre, in attempt to cover the offending abject.Due to the shape of the irritant enteringthe mollusk, the pearl is created by continual layering of nacre.Freshwater pearls cultured pearlsare produced under controlled conditions in freshwater lakes. The shapes of thes pearls varies and can include oval,drop, circle, baroque( irregular) round, and many different shapes    The TATE COLLECTION is located in Antwerp Belgium and manufactures a highly respected brand of stunning  fashion jewelry combining ,silver, freshwater pearls, semi precious stones  catering to the  top fashionminded clientele through the world. About 6 years ago the Tate collection  was starting up as a very small but dymamic family company, that grew quickly into a real center of artistic dynamisme, focused on fashion jewelry and style.Located in Antwerp; THE center of jewelry and diamonds, pearls fresh water,necklaces designers and semi precious stones, tate  collection quickly became a respectful brand of high end fashion jewelry. Belgium has always been the center of fine fashion jewelry. We are proud to present you the collection that is up to date,created by the very best designers in the industry.



                                                 All pearls are high quality freshwater pearls, and hand chosen

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